Friday, 23 March 2012

Grindr - Day 3

Turns out I was destined to talk to the cute Asian. He wakes up, looks half asleep (that's how they look anyways :P - Totally racist I know! ;) He introduces himself as a Korean American. We chat a little and I am off to stuff my face with the free breakfast at the hostel.
My plan for the day is to go around the city and see the rest of the attractions. I eat my breakfast and he comes down and sits next to me. He starts talking again. We have our breakfasts, turns out we have a lot in common. He asks me what my plan was for the day, and he asks if we could do it together. You mean like A date??? "Hmmm ok" I say casually and then say to myself, "Only because you are insisting". We first go to the War Remnants Museum.
The War museum is one of those attractions that leaves a lasting impression on anyone that visits the museum. It has displays depicting the horrors of the Vietnam War. It is terrifying and harrowing to see pictures of deformed babies and the men and women tortured during the war. I only took one picture of the way men were executed and it says its all:

We leave the war museum while chatting along the whole way going to our next stop. He tells his story, background, the usual and then, we reach our pinnacle of friendship - i.e. we become Facebook friends. Great - Now I can stalk him! :P
We get something to eat. I order the Vegetarian egg (Egg white made from tofu and the yolk from minced carrot - Yummmmmmmm!) and Veg pork from an Vegan restaurant:
He says he needs to rest since he has'nt slept well the whole night and asks plans for the night. Apparently there is a great nightclub in Saigon and we're both keen. So we decide to meet again at 9pm. We say our byes and I head off on my own adventure.
A motorbike tour guide approaches me. I am not keen, - motorbike tour with an unknown guy? hmmm..but he is persistent, quotes a fair price and I agree. I sit on the bike and he starts firing away the usual questions - Am I traveling alone, single?, ready to mingle? no, not the last one but the usual questions and makes it clear that he is single. Hmmm won't ever take up that offer!
We go to District 5 - explore china town and a some Chinese temples. 
China Town - District 5

 As I come out of the temple, he asks me, "So, what you pray?"
Me: "Ummm, that you don't charge me more when we get back"
He laughs. So I ask what he prayed for,
He says, "I pray same same girlfriend like you".
Oh oh, creepy - Now I actually close my eyes and pray that he takes me back to my hostel safely!
On our way back, he tells me I can ride his motorbike in a quite area. So we get to the quite area and he hands me over the bike. It is a geared bike - I have never rode a geared one so I am quite nervous. I start the bike he instructs me on how to drive and i start driving - wow! I am good at this. Hell Yeah!!!  I feel like a man! I wave to the locals and show off my driving skills. I drive for nearly 5-6 kms. He is very impressed and tells I am a good driver. I tap on his knee and tell him in his style "Is ok...relas" We are nearing my drop off point and he asks what my plans are for the night. Sensing his eagerness I quickly say I am meeting a bunch of friends. He says "oh, I thought I take you to Karoke bar, we have few drinks and you sing" 
I think to myself "Just work for what I pay for dude, don't give me all this extra service". His heart is broken. I get off the bike and do some more solo exploring. Its about time for dinner so I have my dinner and I head back to the hostel and pack things as I have an early flight to Hanoi next morning. Its about time to go out clubbing and the guy waits downstairs- this is where the fun begins...
We take a cab and go to the club - not many tourists and no one is dancing. We are having a major discussion if it is worth spending $1 on beer and 50cents on a bottle of water and we finally buy them. We go to a table finish our respective drinks and then hit the dance floor. He says he can dance - well.  Now every guy likes to brag so I just shrug and start walking towards the dance floor. I can dance too - horribly.
So as we hit the dance floor I pull off my sexiest move - the step touch. He starts dancing, Yeah... he is O.K.....5 mins later, oh... he is good. 20 mins later, F*&#!! he is too good! And I am still doing my step touch. Oh god, I need to something cool. Maybe I should do some thing with my hands.... WTF do I do with my hands...O.K. let me throw them in the air. hmmm... I m the only one doing it. Its not the move for the song. He teaches me the body roll - his roll is a perfect wave, and mine, a perfect zig zag. Oh god,  I am embarrassed. A few local girls half clothed are dancing and grinding every man on the floor. All eyes are on them....UNTIL one of them comes and starts grinding ME! WTF. Oh god, I've never had anyone grind me - ever. I am so nervous that I close my eyes... freeze. Awkward turtle Vidya! The girl is all over me and everyone seems to be enjoying it - except me. Hey the last time I was so close to a girl was when I was at my dentist 1.5 years ago and I dint really like it. 
So now i think "O.K, do something cool Vidya and try to get out of it". So I do my sexy move, the  step touch again backwards to go back.  O.K. Great! now she starts grinding me from behind. Oh god! Another girl sees me and says "relas....have fun" I m too scared and all I can think is don't do anything more or I m going to punch you on your face. 
She points me to the Korean guy and says go have fun - meaning go and grind him. Ummm... NO!!  a) I don't know how to grind and b) I m not grinding some random cute great dancing Korean guy I met in the morning. So any way she pushes me to him and I still do my step touch. She still follows me and grinds me, hugs me. dances with/on me. O.K. seriously now go back.  He is tired and I cant wait to leave.
I am so glad we are out. We say our byes and go to our respective hostels.
I come back lie on my bed and think "F*$@!  I need to watch more of the - "how to dance in a night club videos on youtube - Damn it!"

PS: Korean guy, if you reading this, I dont stalk people. I mean, not every day, may be once a week....Nuh, seriously I dont :P

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