Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Update - Unemployment/Friend's wedding

http://www.facebook.com/vidya.sramanHey Everyone!

I know I know, its been ages since I updated this blog. Life has been quite different since returning from Vietnam. To start, I was made redundant on my 2nd day of joining work. Apparently while I was away, there was some major restructuring happening in our office. The management had enough people in my role, hence decided to let go of me. Yup, sucks! not quite the surprise I was expecting after just returning from a holiday and blowing all my money on buying work suits :P

Anyway, after crying/cursing/b!tching, it was time to move on. My best friend in Sydney was going to get married in the last week of April. I thought it was a great opportunity to come to Sydney and help her with her wedding and maybe look for jobs while I was here.

So, the last month of my life has pretty much been on my friend's couch, helping her and catching up with other friends and trying to look for work here.

My Friend's Wedding:

My friend met her husband through an Indian matrimony website. They spoke to each other over the phone, got to know each other and he finally flew from India to meet her. After getting to know each other in about 10 days, they knew they were meant for each other and they set the wedding date. (Yup, 10 days is all it takes to decide "The One" she says!) She is having an Indian Style wedding back home but wanted to register their wedding here. Hence the Western style wedding here.
I loved every aspect of planning for the wedding - shopping for her dress, booking a limo on the wedding day, ordering the wedding cake & planning the after wedding party.

The wedding ceremony as such was close and cozy. After their registry wedding, we headed out to a pub to just chill while the bride and groom went to their hotel rooms to get changed. We met them for dinner at Kazbah, a Lebanese restaurant at Darling Harbour. This has to be the best fine dining Lebanese restaurant I've been to. Knowing there were a few vegetarians, the chef took extra care to make special dishes for us. My favorite has to be the stuffed Zucchini flowers served as entree. And the Hummus, YUM! We could barely get past the entrees and had Veg. Tagine & Fattoush for mains. Yum yum yum.

After Wedding Party:

After the dinner, it was party time! I was busy organizing things the whole day, that I forgot to take my ID with me. You know how this story ends.....I go the night club, the bouncer stops me - I wink at him and......he doesn't let me in! Hmmmm...Yup that dint work.

Oh well, lets try another night club. My friend & I walk and pretend to be so engrossed talking to each other while passing through bouncer and he shouts at us asking for our ID. She shows hers and I pretend to search mine. I look at him with the most innocent face and......Nuh, doesnt work. He doesn't let me in. O.K. thanks for thinking I am young & drop dead gorgeous (yeah I like to praise myself :P) but do you seriously think I am under 18! Far out!

One last try at another club. This time, I come clean and let him I forgot my ID. He plays "Let-me-guess-your-age" game. He says I should be 27 - I want to punch him on his face for increasing my age but I shout "Spot on man!" He lets us all in. Phew!!!

As we hit the dance floor, we hear the most depressing music with 1-2 drunk people who would dance to any crap music. What a waste! We stay for some time and decide to go to my friend's hotel room and continue our party there. My friend booked a "Honeymoon Suite" at a five star hotel for the night. We were initially going to stay there for an hour and make our way home. But, things don't always go as planned. We partied and partied and partied so hard that we got told off my our Hotel management and our neighbors for being too loud.....5 times!

We finally went to bed at 4 or 5 in the morning and I woke up next day spewing all over the toilet of the 5 star hotel every 5 minutes. As we got a cab to come home, I had the worst food poisoning that I could not sit in the cab for more than 5 minutes. There we were, sitting in our cab on the iconic Harbor Bridge and I opened the cab door to throw up - on the Harbor Bridge. 200 meters later, I open the cab for another batch and kept doing this until we reached our local medical center to get hospitalized. I pretty much spent rest of the week drinking electrolyte and have just slowly graduated to baby food.

Yes I got sick, yes I am still not a 100% but no I would'nt change a thing! I am so happy for my friend and her husband and I wish them all joy and happiness for their future.

Here are some pics I took of the wedding.

I have a couple of interviews lined up this week. I will keep you guys posted. Enjoy & wish me luck guys :)

More pics on facebook :)


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